Stacked $850.00 worth of commissary in 9 days... 

Gold T turned me on to a white boy that wanted to sell a nice gold chain for a small package. I checked it out and decided to cop it. I gave the kid less than $15.00 worth of dope for it. He thinks I'm shorting him and I am, but where else is he going to go?

Another fight broke out today in the TV room. I think it was over "The Young And The Restless." The guards didn't catch it yet, but Dirty Red put hands on this nigga Dre-Dre. I'm hoping it doesn't escalate, with Red being a Blood and Dre-Dre being a Crip.

Saw Eric again today. I'm thinking I might have to make a move on him. Now any real nigga knows that what happened to Eric was business. The nigga got caught slipping and got GOT. If the roles were reversed he would have done the same thing.

Got another 4 bags of commissary today. I've got so much shit I've got it stored in Fraction's locker as well as mine. I have over 200 books of stamps and 32 cartons of smokes. Life is as good as it gets for now.

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