Today started off crazy. As soon as the cell doors opened Fraction and I were up. It's just something about the sound of a cell door opening that snaps you awake immediately. Fraction was taking a piss and I was was sitting up on my bunk with my feet hanging off the bed when it happened. The first thing I heard was arguing. Loud arguing! I looked at Fraction, Fraction looked at me and we both knew something was cracking off. I jumped off the bed and put my shoes on immediately. Fraction followed suit. Now I was never one to look for trouble but in prison you need to always be aware of your surroundings. ALWAYS! 
I stuck my head out the cell door and I noticed that two niggas from DC were putting in work on about 6 Mexicans. Both of the DC cats had knives and at least three of the Mexicans were bleeding. This shit didn't concern me, so I went right back into my cell to mind my own business. I was just about to check my food inventory in preparation for the lock down that was inevitable,
when a mother fucker ran in our cell. The adrenaline kicked in and I went into "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac" mode. It was a Mexican and he was bleeding real bad from his stomach. He kept repeating the same words over and over in Spanish. I don't know what the fuck he was saying, but I knew he had to get the fuck out of here. What ever was going on outside the cell must have escalated, because I could here more yelling and more cursing. Fuck this! I grabbed the Mexican (who, by the way decided to lay his punctured body down on the floor) by his arms and dragged his ass outside of my cell. Nothing personal, but I ain't want the mother fucker that blew this Mexican to think he was down with me. I dragged the Mexican out to the middle of the tier and looked around. At least four different fights had kicked off. The goon squad arrived in full riot gear and quickly ended the disturbance. After about an hour of lock down my cell door opened. It was finally our turn to be interviewed. Me and Fraction were cuffed up and led away to be interrogated. I told them I ain't know shit! Me and Fraction did decide to tell them that the bleeding Mexican entered our cell and that I dragged him out. (They have cameras everywhere, no use lying) They wanted to know why I dragged him out of my cell. I told them that, "whoever stabbed him... I ain't want that person to come up in my cell and decide to stab me." To my amazement the guard started laughing. He said he ain't blame me. He would have done the same thing. 

It was well after 2 o'clock by the time they interviewed the entire unit. After all was said and done 17 people were sent to the hole. They let us out our cells around 5:00 pm, but we couldn't leave the unit. Fraction was mad that he missed a whole days work at UNICOR. A whole days work at 40 cent an hour. Fuck that! The hustle don't stop. I gonna do what I need to do to make it out of here alive. ANYTHING!

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  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2008

    ~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...
    Looks like you did everything right... you're out. You're alive!

    2:59 PM
    Smooch said...
    I love your blog. It reads like a book instead of a blog thats like bragging about "I was in prison and I saw this and that and did this and met so and so". I really hope you keep posting!

    2:35 PM