My new cell mates name is Fraction. 

I thought it was the nigga's street name, but come to find out it's his government. 

Snipe moved into the cell right next door with another Crip named Killer Boom. Snipe told me it was nothing personal, just politics. He introduced me to Boom... Is it a coincidence that both of their names are synonymous with guns? Killer Boom looks like a nigga that might have averaged 3 or 4 murders a month. I'm not talking drive by shootings, he look like a nigga that's gonna give it to you up close and personal. (No Homo) I'm staying the fuck away from Boom.

Gold T snuck into my unit today. In my cell it took him about 5 minutes to step on the package while I played look out. He used smuggled in powdered sugar from the chow hall kitchen. It didn't look like two gees worth of work to me, but Gold T  insisted it was and showed me how to package up a fifty dollar standard jail sack. I thought to myself, "Who the fuck is gonna pay fifty dollars for such a small amount of product?"  

Gold T started by cutting out a 3 inch X 3 inch square from the bible. This
was the packaging. He then used a piece of folded up paper to scoop the dope up with, which he poured into the thimble from the board game Monopoly. (Gold T swears that this measurement comes out to, 0.50 grams if filled to the top of the thimble.) The dope from the thimble goes into the 3 X 3 square. Fold up the ends and voilà! Eyeballing the stash I could tell that I could easily get another 38 to 43 packages out of what was left even after breaking Gold T off properly. ( No Homo)
Gold T put me on to a dope fiend, booty bandit in my unit named Bob J. Bob is an old dope fiend from back in the days. I know his type well. I broke Bob off a taste of the work and he was back a few hours later wanting to spend a hundred dollars with me. I gave Bob a 100 dollar commissary list which consisted mostly of cigarettes, packs of coffee, and candy bars. I planned on making money off these items by giving out two and getting three back. The hustle don't stop.

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