Got out the cell for about ten minutes today... 

The goon squad started cell shakedowns early this morning. When Rob and I returned to our cell it had been turned upside down. It seems as if the guards decided to open our lockers and dump all of the contents out onto the floor. They also confiscated 15 books of stamps from Rob. Apparently we are only allowed a max of five books per person. I know Rob is pissed because he had just won a major sports bet. Oh well, shit happens.

I got mail today. My people sent me three hundred dollars. Perfect timing, because these Gilligan's Island type sneakers they give us are not working. Trust me, bobos and flat feet do not go together.

I'm depressed. I feel as if my life is over. I'm angry, because the world is going on without me. How am I going to do ten years without going crazy?

My niece sent me a drawing in the mail. I think I'll hang it up. Every time I look at it I have to smile. It makes me happy.

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