A nigga from another unit approached me today...

I ain't know this nigga from Adam, but he said Eric owed him some money. I was vexed. "What the fuck that gotta do with me," I said. 
Now Eric had told this nigga that I hit him for his little stash while we were on the bricks and that the only way he could pay is if somebody made me pay
Now I'm no small dude. I'm 6 feet and 240 pounds, but this nigga was on some Hulk Hogan shit. I'm talking huge! He had me by at least 5 or 6 inches
(No Homo) and this nigga was all muscle. 
Okay Hype, play it smart. "Look, playboy. What happen to Eric was pure business. If that nigga owe you, you need to handle that nigga! I ain't paying shit for nobody! I continued to ice grill the nigga but I knew in my mind that this nigga was not about to back down. So we stood there locked on each other for what seemed to be hours. And then the nigga grabbed me and picked me up laughing. "Yo Hype, It's me!" he said. 
Me?... Who the fuck is this cat! "You don't recognize me?" he said. Hell naw, I thought in my head. 
"I'm Sincere, From Florence... I use to fuck with your cousin." And then it hit me... "Lil Ben?"...Benny use to date one of my cousins back in the day.  I met him when I lived in South Carolina back in the late 80's.  Now here we are again. Small world ain't it?
Bennny and I went to the yard and he filled me in on Eric. He told me he and Eric were in the same unit and that Eric had been running his mouth about how he was going to get me. I told him not to say anything. Just observe and keep me posted. I hit him off with a lil weed and told him we'd talk later. It's time for me to move on this bitchass nigga, Eric.

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