31) PLAN B

Eric fell for the trap, hook line and sinker...

Ben told Eric he needed the money from the weed he sold and he needed it now! Now Ben and I both know that Jason, the kid who owes Eric the money can't pay him. Why?... Because I just hit Jason up for $300. Now if Jason just payed me $300 ain't no way in hell he got $70 to pay Eric. Ben told Eric, "Get the money from Jason, or get the nigga Jason off the yard."
The next couple of days were funny. The way Ben ran it down.... Eric tried to hit Jason up for the loot. Jason told Eric he'd pay when UNICOR post. Eric told Jason, that would be too late. Ben told Eric to handle his business. Eric waited till almost lock down and then stabbed Jason in the butt. In the butt!!! How funny is that. Eric went to the hole, Jason went to the hole and I still got Jason's $300 that he was using to invest in another package with me. I love when a plan comes together.

Ben told me Eric is getting shipped off to Colorado. Good riddance! Jason I don't have to worry about either. When the guards were packing up his shit they found a cell phone battery in his locker. That nigga won't be staying here for sure. I hit Ben off with a small package for helping me out.

I started reading "A Prayer For Owen Meeny." So far so good. Another one of Budd's picks. He says I'll like it. We'll see.

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