Three days ago I was sent to the "hole." Rob bought a batch of pruno and left it in the cell without telling me. I was grabbing a pack of smokes from my locker when a guard came in and told he was shaking my room down. Basically, what he meant was, "get the fuck out nigger." Cool, whatever... I went back next door to finish spanking Budd's ass in Risk (No Homo.) As soon as I rolled the dice I hear the guard calling my name. I walked back to my cell and the guard is holding a water jug. He wants to know who's water jug it is. If I tell him it's not mine I'm implying that it belongs to my cellie. Niggas might assume I've snitched Rob out. Not good. Now if it was mine I would go ahead and cop to it since it's in my cell. And I know Rob is going to do that as soon as he gets back from the yard, because he's a solid nigga just like me. So I do what mother fuckers on "Law & Order never do... I shut the fuck up and don't say anything. And here I sit charged with a pruno rap.

Before they came and took me to the hole a fight broke out in the unit between two Mexicans. The guard left me unattended and handcuffed. If that shit would have popped off to something more severe I would have had no way to defend myself. We'll see what happens with this pruno shit soon

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