"What up nigga?"

That's how I greeted Gold T. The smile he gave me was huge. My boy was glad to see me, even under these circumstances. We gave each other one of those "Player-Player" hugs and started talking right there in the hall. Now, even though Gold T and I were facing each other I could tell by his expression that something had jumped off behind me. I turned, looked and froze...Blood. Blood everywhere! Guards were screaming, a female guard ran, slipped and began to crawl away. My feet won't move. My mind is screaming, "Run nigga, run for your life!" My body refuses to acknowledge my brain's request. Both shanks in the inmates hands have been baptized in blood. He's coming towards me. (Is he coming for ME?) I see him tackled by a guard. Now it's a pile on game, as several more male guards jump on top of the inmate. I hear what sounds like more smaller skirmishes popping off in the chow hall, but it's the wounded guard that has me fucked up. It's officer Williams. The wound to his neck is mortal. I know it and I believe he knows it. The blood is bright red. I feel sick. 

In my heart I know he won't make it. Still, I remain frozen to the spot. Gold T was yelling for me to, "Come on nigga!" He literally had to grab me to get me moving. Guards were running from all over the prison by then.
The hallway officer Scott Williams was stabbed at.
They forced Gold T, me and everyone else that was in the hall at the time into a small corridor that leads to the gym. I watched as they carried the dying officer out of the building. For a moment.... well, more like a nano second, the guard's eyes and mine locked. How the fuck can so much blood come out of a human body? He was dead already, his mind just hadn't accepted it yet.


  1. how are you?

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work

  2. Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you