This book, 'The Stand' Is crazy! I'm loving it. It's about this killer virus that kills off most of the earths population. The remaining people have to fight to survive in this new world. Most of the people are having visions of an old black women or some crazy ass cracker. The black women seems to be an agent of good and the cracker seems to be pure evil. I know this would make a good movie.
The guards brought us chow today. For breakfast we had an apple, a carton of milk, a box of cereal and two hard boiled eggs. I asked Big Rob if he wanted to trade my box of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats  for one of his eggs. ( I can't believe Kellogg's still uses pork by-products in their food.) He jumped on it. 
I should be finishing up this book in a couple of hours. I really don't want it to end

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