We are getting showers today... 

The guards are starting on the first tier and making their way up to the third. At this rate they will probably get to me around 1pm. This lock down shit sucks! Big Rob is working out this morning. He's doing dips, push-ups and crunches. The cell is starting to smell funky. I wish there was a way to get frozen for ten years and then wake up on my release date. I can't see me doing ten straight. A whole decade! Damn!
Sometime I just imagine I am in the crazy house and I am the only sane nigga here.


Rob has got to be the dumbest nigga in the world. I've been giving him my cereal for breakfast because it's made with some type of pork by-product. He assumed I was a Muslim. I told him I am a Hebrew. After explaining the definition of a Hebrew, Rob simplified it to being "Jewish." (Obviously I am not from Judea.)  I asked him why he thought it so improbable. His answer was, "Because you black, nigga! Ain't no black Jews."  Usually I'd school a nigga, but ignorants never allows an open mind. I let it go.

------------------ Big Rob is 34 years old. 8 years older than me. He has been in for 11 years and has 13 more to go. I haven't asked him what he's in for and he hasn't asked me. My guess is drugs. 

Ten years is not looking so bad after all.

The Truth About Black Biblical Hebrew-Israelites (Jews: the Worlds Best Kept Secret)


  1. I used to say that I was Jewish too. But now I say Holiness. People of color are the original Isrealites. If people would take time to read the scriptures, they would learn about: eating kosher, keeping the sabbath, etc. I like your blog. I used to be a correctional nurse...and left because it was too depressing. How much longer do you have to go?

  2. Cant nobody speak on it if they aint live that shit. Aint seen no USPs but I know 4 sho that shit aint no joke!