Today I changed the channel on the TV for the first time... 

I know it seems like no big thing, but I've heard stories of niggas getting killed for changing the channel. There are 4 TVs in the unit. Three on the flats and a "sports TV" Situated on the second tier in it's own room. On the flats there is a Black TV, a Mexican, TV and a white TV. Each race decides what is to be watched on their designated TV. Races are not allowed to touch any TV but their own without SEVER CONSEQUENCES! The "sports TV" inside the TV room is really just the second Black TV. Don't ask me why, it's just the way it is.
It was a little after 7:00 am, most of the inmates were in the yard, working or still in their cells. The thing with the Black TV is that it seems as if all niggas ever want to watch are music videos. I like music videos too, but damn a nigga would like to watch the news every once in a while! So I changed the channel to CNN and sat down.  Before the first commercial came on I heard a nigga say, "What the fuck you doing nigga!" Aw shit, here we go. I turned around and it was Boom, laughing his ass off. I admit I was shook for a second, but Boom sat down next to me and we started chopping it up. Boom preceded to tell me a story about a white boy named K----. One day K---- was all set to watch his favorite show, "Seinfeld".
It was ten minutes before the show started and K---- went to grab a soda and some smokes from his cell.
[NOTE: To watch TV you have to have a Walkman tuned to a certain radio frequency. Depending on which TV your watching.]
While K---- was in his cell he heard some one change the channel. So, K---- sticks his head out of the cell and tells the dude, "Hey, my shows about to come on in a couple of minutes. I just came to grab some smokes out of my cell." The guy doesn't answer. K---- walks out of the cell and taps the guy on the shoulder. "Dude, my shows about to come on in a couple of minutes." The kid looks at K---- like, "Fuck off!" K---- walks back to his cell grabs a pad lock, which he places in a sock emerges from his cell and commences to crack this kid's head open. He then grabs the unconscious kid and drags him back to his cell. Boom even said K---- placed the kid in his bed. K---- went right back to his chair and watched his show. Of course I didn't believe a word Boom said, that is until Fraction confirmed the story. Fraction said he was actually there when it happened. To this day "Seinfeld" is must see TV, on the White TV in Killer-K. I think from now on I'm just going to read.

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