In my whole life I've only told two women outside of relatives, "I love you." 

Budd asked me something today that intrigued me. He asked, "If it was only you and one other women left in the world, Would you want it to be... (A), a women that loved you, but you didn't love her, or (B), a women you loved that didn't love you?" Sherri M. Morales (AKA Smooch) was the love of my life. I say WAS, because no women is gonna wait ten years for a nigga.In 1989 when I met Smooch I was still 7 months away from my 21st birthday. I was getting my drink on at the NCO club with niggas from my unit. My man Perry stepped into the club with the flyest honey I'd ever seen! He introduced us and I was speechless. Her name was Sherri. Unfortunately I didn't get to shoot the gift at her that night, because this skinny ass chicken head had been sweating your boy all night. Don't ask me how I got stuck with wing man duty for Mac, but the nigga was gonna owe me big for this one. I cornered my man Perry later that night at Denny's and asked about Sherri. He assured me they were just friends. Cool! That's all I needed to hear. By the time I got around to shooting my game a nigga named Mark Bell had already had her on lock. So I did what any real player would do... I respected the game and kept it pushing. Now Mark and I had a history on the Army base. It seems that Mark and I were seeing at least two of the same women. I know for a fact that as I was leaving a bitch's crib once Mark was pulling up. I even waited to see which apartment he was going to and sure enough it was the one I had just left. I hope he didn't kiss her that night. Months went by without seeing Sherri and I heard that she had went back to Texas. I tried to put her out of my mind but I couldn't. A few weeks before my 21st birthday I was at the mall about to get my shop on when I saw HER. I knew it was her instantly! She was in a men's store shopping. I went into the store and our eyes met, but I knew at that moment she didn't recognize me. Time to improvise, Hype. I went right up to her and asked her if there was anything I could help her with. She told me she was looking for an outfit for her boyfriend. (I knew it was that nigga Mark.) So I played the role and helped her pick out about three outfits. Now, during all this time I'm flirting with her and hitting her with all my best, but this girl would not cave in. If it's possible I think this made her even more attractive to me. She finally went to pay for the gear that I picked out for her. When she went to the cashier she told the salesman she wanted me to get the commission. That nigga looked at her crazy. When she finally figured out that I didn't work there she busted out laughing and said the words that made me fall in love with her. "Michael!" So, she did remember me! I finally talked her into buying me a milkshake at Baskin Robbins, for helping her pick out the outfit. We kicked it and talked for almost an hour. To my amazement we had a lot in common. Books, music and movies. And she never smirked when I flexed my vocabulary. You'd be amazed at how many niggas think you're some kind of punk for speaking proper. (Black people, please stop associating talking proper with being white.) Anyway, after all was said and done I asked her if she needed a ride home. She hit me with the, "Nigga you cute, but you ain't no Denzel" look. I got the picture crystal clear. Over the course of the next few weeks I would bump into her constantly. 4th of July weekend we were all at the NCO club getting our party on. The placed was packed! My whole crew was there, getting our drink on and fucking with every civilian broad that crossed our path. On my way to the bar I spotted Mark in a secluded corner making cozy with a thick ass red bone. I couldn't help but laugh. At the bar I placed my order and saw my main man Dee Love enter with a little fly bitch named Sharon. I knew Dee had been spitting at her for a few weeks, but now it looked liked it had finally paid off. We acknowledged each other form across the room with a little head tilt and then Dee held up three fingers and made a jester. Basically what Dee said was, "Get me three Long Island Iced teas" and my next three drinks were on him. Cool, I wasn't tripping and the club was packed. And then it hit me, this nigga said three drinks, but It's just him and Sharon... And then she appeared. Sherri! Sherri was with them. I paid for the drinks and asked a waitress named, Donna (who happened to be fucking my main man, Bilal) could she bring the drinks over to my table. She looked at me like I just wiped my dick across her grilled cheese sandwich, so I gave her a five spot and said please. When I got to the table, Sherri was seated with Sharon, whom I found out was her cousin. She got the whole table laughing by telling the "Mall Story." By the end of the night I knew she was feeling your boy, but none of that mattered because she left with Mark. I hadn't figured it out yet, but I knew Sherri was gonna be mine when all was said and done.

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  1. Middle aged professional white guy originally from the suburbs here. I did a little less than 24 hours in county lockup one single time during college. You and I have absolutely fucking nothing in common with each other whatsoever, but I am respecting the HELL out of you as I read this. You are a very talented writer and story-teller. Hustle THAT. Seriously. And thank you. Hope you're OK.