My balls itch really bad!...

I've come down with a serious case of crotch rot. It feels like my nuts have been replaced by two beehives. I can't stop scratching them. I went to sick call this morning and told the Doc what was up. He said I have a serious case of jock itch. He prescribed some sort of cream that is suppose to clear it up in about a week. He said it's a fungus that I probably got from the water splashing off of the tiles in the nasty ass showers. I'm trying my best not to scratch my nuts around female guards. Don't want to end up like C-Rat on a fluke.

Needles got in it today with a tall black dude named Foots. (This makes the second person named Foots I've met in my life.) Foots feels that Needles is putting everyone else's tattoos before his. Fraction said that Needles told him not to worry and he'd finish it before he got released. I guess Foots didn't want to hear that and slapped the shit out of Needles in front of a small group of inmates. Foots demanded that Needles finish his tattoo before the weekend was out. What could Needles do? I mean, Foots is not a big guy but his body is chiseled to perfection. I've seen him in the shower once ("No Homo"!) and the nigga is cut the fuck up and ripped. Needles let it slide. I talked to needles right before lock down and asked him why he let a nigga punk him like that. He said, "I'm going home in five days, Hype. I'm not fucking that up for me and my family." I had to respect that. I like the kid and I hate to see him bullied around by a bitch nigga. I told him that there was no shame in going to segregation until his release, but he said people paid good money for their tats and he was gonna finish them all. Now that's what I call gangsta!

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  1. Ok. As I said in an earlier comment, I respect the HELL out of you and your writings. You are an extraordinarily talented and accomplished writer, I can't even begin to replay how much respect and admiration I have for you. That being said? Cut the fucking homophobic bullshit the fuck out. You sound like a 12 year old little boy. Sad that a man could have gone through as much as you have in your life, and gained as much genuine hard-on wisdom as you clearly have, but somehow still be so retarded about this one thing. Fuck outta here with your "no homo" shit. Don't throw away the massive respect and wisdom you've fought for and won over this one thing. Don't do it. Don't.