Getting processed in was time consuming...

They took my clothes and shoes and issued me prison garb. Brown khaki pants with matching shirts, three pair of boxers and three tee shirts. I was also issued bedding which consisted of two sheets, a pillow, pillow case and one blanket. I wrapped everything up in the blanket and followed the guard to the unit that would house me. I was hoping that crazy fucker Bud would go to a different unit, but unfortunately no such luck. As we approached the unit I noticed a sign that read "K-UNIT." On top of the sign someone had scribbles the word "KILLER." I was almost sure that Bud noticed this also. The guard unlocked the unit door, handed Bud and I a card that contained our pictures and other information and with a stupid smirk told us to enjoy our stay in California. "Welcome to Killer-K, mother fuckers." I know me and this bitch ass guard gonna have some beef.

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