I didn't get back to my cell until way after 10:pm...

Big Rob wanted to know what had cracked off. I told him everything I had witnessed. 

The goon squad escorted all the inmates back to their units, but they made us go through the emergency fire doors. I guess they didn't want us to see all the blood in the hall. I told Rob how I saw a female guard run away from the melee. He just laughed and said I should have tripped her ass so she could have got it too. I asked Rob how long he thinks this lock down will last. He estimated about a week or two.

An inmate on the top tier yelled out that he heard on the radio, that the guard had died. The whole unit erupted into cheers. I hope I never become that cold. Rob told me to, "Get used to it. Shit happens, you deal with it and keep pushing. That's the breaks, nigga." I'm going to get back to my book. It's starting to get good now.

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