I watched a man leave Killer-K to go home today... 

Seven years in here and he's making it out in one piece. I envy him. Needles is the next to leave and mother fuckers in the unit are upset. He is the best tattoo artist in the pen. I like the kid a lot. He's white, about 5 foot five and he keeps his hair long. Long hair in the pen is not really a good idea, because you're just giving the booty bandits a reason to fuck with you. Maybe it's because long hair is associated with being feminine...

Anyway, Needles is one of my main mans. I fuck with the kid because he is always cracking jokes and keeps your boy laughing. I like his vibe. Needles says he has to complete almost 23 tats in 17 days. I can't imagine going home in 17 days. What does it feel like? Is Needles nervous, scared, anxious? 

Needles beat me in Scrabble today. I had one tile left and Needles had four.
We were playing for the $675,000.00 dollars he owes me. (Only payable if one of us hits the lottery.) I was up almost a million dollars just last month. I knew he had a "C" in his hand because I put it back in the bag. There was no space on the board to get rid of the "C" so I knew I had his ass, and I told him so. He said, "If you're so sure bet it all!" You know me. "Fuck it, it's a bet nigga!" 
This mother fucker lays down "CWM" What the fuck kind of word is "CWM"? I add up his points and he's beating me by nine. If I challenge I'll lose a turn, but there is no way for me to score 9 point or better with one tile. I challenge and sure enough the mother fucking word is in there. Needles is so happy that he won he does a little dance that has my black ass laughing so hard I forget I'm in jail. I hate to admit it but I'm gonna miss this nigga.


  1. Pretty sure Google existed in 2008, sweetheart. It's now 2016, have you learned how to use it yet?