Just my luck... 

Bud is in the cell right next to me. As soon as I walked in the cell the weight of the situation hit me. The room consisted of a bunk bed, and a toilet/ sink combo. The floors are cold concrete. The only positive thing is the fact that I don't have a cell-mate yet, so I have my choice of the top or bottom bunk. I chose the top because  the air vent blows directly on me. 

I didn't even have time to piss before Bud showed up. He wanted me to ask somebody for a cigarette. That kind of pissed me off, so I responded kind of heatedly, "Nigga, you ask somebody!" But as I looked around I understood. The majority of the people were either black or brown. Bud was a part of the minority.

I introduced myself to a couple of niggas playing the tier. I told them I'm fresh in. They immediately asked if I was from New York. I think my accent gave me away. They introduced me to a nigga named Randy, from Brooklyn. The coldest coincident is that Randy lived right around the corner from me on Putnam Ave. We talked for a while and he hooked me up with a little care package, which consisted of soap, deodorant,toothpaste, a few snacks and of course cigarettes. I gave Bud a pack on the promise that he give me two packs back in return... The HUSTLE never stops.

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