Yesterday someone sent me a book in the mail... 

It was John Grisham's, "The Chamber." The odd thing was that I recognized neither the address nor the sender. When I presented the dilemma to Budd he said to,"stop looking into things so deeply. You've got a good book, so enjoy it." So that's what I did. And I must say, The Chamber is a well written piece of literature. 

Last night I dropped the book while lighting a cigarette in bed. Fraction handed the book back up to me on my bunk and I
flicked through it attempting to find the page I was on. That's when I noticed it. It, looked like someone had stuffed 10 single stamps deep into the spine of the the book. I removed the item and realized what "It" was instantly. 10 hits of acid.
I showed Fraction what was hidden in the book and he was like, "Oh shit!" I've taken acid before and I tripped out really bad. I remember cleaning my house from top to bottom. I started at about 4:pm and made it to the kitchen around 11:pm. As I washed the dishes in the sink I kept washing this one glass over and over again. Finally my girl came into the kitchen and asked me what I was doing. I told her I washing the dishes. She bust out laughing and said, "you've been washing that same glass for half an hour." I told her there was a small piece of food on the glass that would not come off. She took the glass from me held it up to the light and said, "That's not a piece of food. It's a crack in the glass." I remember thinking, "this is not the high for me." I gave Fraction two of the hits to do what he wanted, but this weekend Budd and I are gonna fry.

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