46) The Dark Knight and Superman under attack...

Friday night I gave Budd 2 hits of acid...

We promised to take them first thing Saturday morning, before breakfast. Budd took his first hit about a half hour before me. I took mine while watching cartoons and waiting for the guard to call chow. An hour passed and I still wasn't feeling a thing, so I said fuck it and

took another hit. I went to check on Budd and I knew that nigga was on his journey. Budd was in his room alone. He had a sheet tied around his neck. Not like he was gonna commit suicide, but the way little kids do when they're playing superhero. I knocked on his cell with a big Kool-Aid smile and asked him what he was doing. Budd looked crazy with the sheet and nothing but a pair
of briefs on, but he he invited me in and asked me to have a seat. Right then and there I knew that this nigga was frying. I took a seat on his toilet and Budd asked me who my favorite superhero was. I had to think about it and decided to go with Batman. I chose Batman because he is a character that a kid could aspire to actually be. Okay, he is the best hand to hand combatant on the planet in the comic book world, but his greatest asset is his mind. He's the thinking man's superhero. No superpowers, yet he's still able to compete on the level of a Superman. Budd's favorite superhero of course is Superman. I like Superman and told Budd this, but I think he's a big ass fake. Parading around as Clark Kent like he's afraid to embrace who and what he really is. This escalated into a full blown argument. I guess we were talking really loud because Killer Boom yells up to us, "Can you niggas keep it down? Mother fuckers is trying
to sleep!" Budd walks out side of his cell in his "Superman uniform" and yells back, "Fuck you Boom!" Boom's Favorite superhero must be the Flash, because he made it up to the second tier in about 2.2 seconds. Boom was hotter than fish grease. "What the fuck you say nigga!" I tried to hold Boom back but Budd wasn't helping any. In a voice you would use to communicate with a retarded deaf person Budd says, "I said, Fuck (long pause) You (Long pause) Boom." By now half the tier was watching and Booms rep was on the line. So Boom mushes Budd in the head... HARD! Budd falls back into his cell and I grab Boom and attempt to hustle him away from the scene. I say attempt, because Killer boom is huge! (No homo.) He stands about 5 foot 10, but it's all muscle. I've seen him bench press over 300 pounds easily. So I say to Killer Boom, "Nigga chill! Let me explain what's going on." I tell boom about the acid and that Budd and I are frying. Boom looks at me like, "Nigga
Please!" Budd was not helping the situation any, because he came out of his cell and started squinting his eyes at us. Boom asked Budd, "what the fuck are you doing?" Budd's reply... "I'm cooking your ass with my heat vision!" Killer Boom falls out laughing. HARD! The kind of laugh that makes other niggas laugh without even knowing the joke. So I ask Boom, "you wanna trip nigga?" "Hell yeah!" is all he said. So I take Boom down to my cell and watch him take his hit. Later on Budd and I go to chow together. He keeps repeating over and over, Dude, I'm so fucking frying!" By this time I afraid to leave Budd alone, but I need to go to the yard and handle some business. After leaving the chow hall I decide to take Budd to the yard with me. I figured he'd be a little safer with me, than by himself. We found a nice spot in the middle of the yard and copped a squat on the grass. We didn't speak much but I noticed Budd staring up into the sky. There was a passenger jet leaving a trail of what ever it is jets leave behind. Budd asks me, "Do you think their serving drinks on that plane right now?" "Yeah, probably" I say. Budd tells me that his first time in a plane was when they flew him to Lompoc. He said he was scared as shit. I knew I was frying, but it was at that moment that I started getting that feeling like my skin was alive. My legs and back felt like they were being pricked by a million little needles. I tried telling myself that it was the acid making me feel like this. No need to freak out, Hype. Then I noticed Budd scratching like crazy. His back, his legs and his neck. I asked him what's wrong. And then I noticed... Our dumb asses were sitting on a ant hill. Red ants were tearing my black ass up. I jumped up and realized that hundreds of ants were on me. I freaked.... I tore off my shirt and saw bite marks all over me. I yelled to Budd, "let's go!" I started running toward the metal detector and I turned around to see if Budd was keeping up with me. This nigga Budd had stopped to take off his shirt, his shoes and his pants. He was running behind me with all the items in his hands. But here comes the kicker... The nigga still had his "cape" on. Bud had actually worn the "cape" under his clothes. The whole yard was laughing. I explained to the officer at the metal detector what had happened with the ants and he let me and Budd through without any problems. I ran straight to my cell, grabbed my towel and rushed into the shower. "Superman" was right behind me. (No Homo.)


  1. I think you are an absolutely fantastic writer. You're truely gifted, and your stories are always compelling.

    If you took your journals and typed them, then converted them to PDF, I think you could sell a blue million paper copies or Ebooks.

    Thank you for sharing your journals with everyone.

    Take care !

  2. *snort!*

    Mike, you're cracking my b/f up...