I met Rick in the library this evening...

I'm a little pissed, because I missed The Steve Harvey Show. When I walked

into the library I heard somebody yell out for me. It was Rick. Slim dude, brown skinned, average height...average everything. For a moment I was stunned. I couldn't believe that this man standing before me was one of America's most notorious drug dealers. I introduced myself and we chopped it up for a minute. Rick is a real laid back dude and I found myself warming up to him. (No homo.) I still had no idea why he wanted to see me and there was no reason to rush him since the library doors were locked until the next move. After about 15 minutes of feeling each other out (No homo.) Rick dropped
it on me. The reason Rick wanted to holla at your boy was because a company had approached him about doing a movie on his life and he "heard" I was a screenplay writer. I
just started laughing out loud. Here I am thinking that maybe Bitches Love Me was his homie and Rick wanted get back. Rick gave me a first draft of the script and told me to give him my honest opinion on it. I told him I'd read it tonight and get at him tomorrow.

I read the first 65 pages of Freeway Rick's screenplay and I must say that this nigga was doing it big! This script has all the ingredients for a hit movie. There are a few things I'd change if it was up to me. The beginning lags a bit and seems to be paced wrong and I would start the script with Rick in jail and flash back to the meat of the story periodically. I must say this nigga Rick has lived an incredible life.

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