56) CHUBB, "Only idiots eat for taste."

Today is my ninth day on this "caveman diet" and I feel different... 

For starters, when I woke up this morning my dick was rock hard! I'm not talking about that normal morning wood. It felt like my dick was replaced by a steel beam. I honestly felt like I could hammer a nail through diamond using my dick. A great side effect, but it does nothing for me in here. Even after I pissed my dick was like, "Uh-uh, nigga! It's gonna take more than a piss to make me me chill out." So I put up a blanket over my door and jacked off. 

Another thing I noticed is that my shit floats now. It use to just lay at the bottom of the bowl, but not anymore. I haven't had any sugar, butter, salt, dairy, caffeine, carbs, or red meat and I feel great! For breakfast I have about 4-6 pieces of fruit. Usually banana's, oranges, grapefruit or apples. For lunch, I take two cans of sardines, or mackerel to the chow hall with me and get my fill of veggies. Usually raw broccoli, raw carrots or a salad if the salad bar is cracking. For dinner it's the same two cans of fish and a mixture of fruits and veggies.

I think Chubb might be onto something here. He says when he gets out he's gonna package it and sell it for $19.95 to the world. 

My weight 9 days ago was 244 pounds. Today I weighed in at..... drum roll please.... 236 pounds. Chubb says at 14 days I should start adding light weights to the program. Now I have to find somebody to workout with. 10 pack abs here I come!

NOTE: In 2005 I found out that Chubb was killed after being released from Lompoc. He was shot dead right in front of the halfway house he was living at.
R.I.P. CHUBB....


  1. My condolences for the loss your friend Chubb and his family.

    Although you're probably tired of hearing this, I'll say it again...

    You're a very gifted writer, and I feel grateful that you're sharing your writing with the world.

  2. dat nigga chubb helped yo fat ass get trim.
    Yo ass should sell the program in memory of chubb and get yo 19.95


  3. Sorry to hear your frined was killed. Enjoying the story.