57) Get With This Or Get With That!

Budd stopped by my cell today... 

We haven't spoken since the Bitches Love Me incident. The first thing he said was, "are you losing weight?" I was actually going to visit him today, to ask what was up. It seems that a couple of dudes from the Aryan Brotherhood have been pressing Budd about "socializing with niggers." The funny thing is that Budd's mother is Chinese. (So much for purity.) Budd said he didn't know what to do and wanted my advice. Now if we were in the streets my advice would be this... Run up on the nigga in broad daylight and blow his face out! Works even better if his wife, friends and kids are their to witness it. Unfortunately, Budd is a bird. Budd doesn't have a single cell of violence in his entire body. Budd was quick to remind me that we are not on the streets and he needed advice on what to do while locked up. My advice to him was this... wait until lunch and go to the chow hall with your "bone crusher" in hand. Walk right up to the section where all the Aryans eat at, find your victim and blow his face out! And for good measure blow the face out of the AB sitting to his right and the one to his left. Budd wanted no part of any
violence. I learned an interesting fact about Budd today. Budd has never had a fight in his life. Ever! The only chance Budd has of escaping the clutches of the ABs is to either go with another gang, go with a religious group or go crazy. As Budd left my cell frustrated I pictured him sitting at chow tomorrow with the Nation Of Islam brothers.


  1. poor BUD gotta stand up and do something b4 the ab turn his ass out

    Nigga NEVER had a fight in his life?
    well fuck he better start now

    I hope i dont read in yo next entry that bud gets turned out or some shit like that.

  2. Glad you are posting regularly.