Shit is finally starting to get back to normal. 

Chubb came by my cell today. He wanted to know why I haven't been doing my walking. I gave him some bullshit story about me "laying low." Chubb wanted to hear none of it. Basically what Chubb told me was that if I wanted his help to get my self in shape we were going to have to enter into a verbal agreement. I did want his help, so I said okay. Here is the agreement we entered. I was to continue doing my walking, but my eating habits had to change starting today. Chubb
calls this the "Caveman diet." I can eat anything I want as long as it was available 100,000 years ago. "Can I eat a cheese burger?" I asked Chubb. "Did they have cheese a 100,000 years ago?" Was Chubbs reply. "What about french fries?" I asked. "They had potatoes back then." Chubb looked at me like, nigga please! "True they had potatoes a 100,000 years ago, but I know for a fact that they didn't have saturated oil and a pan to fry it in." Chubb was on a roll. "And to help you out, anytime I see you eating something that's not from a 100,000 years ago I get to take it from you, no matter where you're at or who's around. That's the deal." If this was gonna help me get back to my high school weight I was with it. I gave Chubb my word and he just smiled and walked off. The good news is it's only for 30 days. How hard can it be, right?


  1. Im thinking it would be extremely difficult actually...

  2. Hmmmm.... that's an EXCELLENT idea, maybe I should try it.

    Can't wait to hear part II.


  3. Ok, still waiting for more....