58) "They" will come for me...

I've been sentenced to 10 years... 

On 10 years you only have to serve 8 years and 8 months with "good time." I been trying to think positive, but I've come to terms that I will die in here. Either someone is gonna kill me or I am going to end up killing someone. Either way my life is over. I called my home girl, Peanut today, because I felt a little down. She tried to keep my spirits up by telling me to stay strong, but I explained to her what I will have to become to survive in here. I felt bad as soon as the words left my lips. She started to cry telling me G_D will keep me safe. The only god in here is made of metal, sharpened to a fine point and fits into the palm of your hand. When it's time to go,
mother fuckers are coming with me! Death in here is one journey I will not take alone.

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  1. Mad Kudos for posting more often! ya got fans... can't leave'em hanging!