Budd asked me, "Would you drink a glass of spit, if they let you out of jail

I thought it over and said, "My spit, or someone Else's?"

(Budd)"Your own spit."

(Me) "How much spit are we talking? And is it regular spit or loogies?"

(Budd) "8oz glass of regular spit, but if you throw up it won't count."

(Me) "I'm about to throw up right now. I'd probably have to pass. I don't do spit well."

(Budd) "Would you lose one eye, if they let you out of jail today?"

(Me) "Do I have to poke it out myself?"

(Budd) "Naw, surgically removed."

(Me) "Yeah, I'd lose the eye."

(Budd) Me too...

(Budd)"Would you eat a piece of shit, if they let you out of jail today?"

(Me) "Is it my shit?"

(Budd) "It can be any one's shit you choose.

(Me) "How big a turd?"

(Budd) "Two inches long, but if you throw up it won't count."

(Me) "Yeah, I'd go for the shit."

(Budd, laughing) "You'd eat a piece of shit but you won't drink a glass of spit?"

(Me) "Nigga, I just can't do spit!"

(Budd)"Would you cut your pinkie off, if they let you out of jail today?"

(Me) "With no hesitation."

(Budd) "Yeah, me too."

(Budd)"Would you drink a glass of piss, if they let you out of jail today?"

(Me) "Is it my piss?"

(Budd) It can be any one's piss you choose."

(Me) "how much piss we talking, nigga?"

(Budd) "8oz."

(Me) "Can I have ice in it?"

(Budd, laughing) "Yeah, you can have ice... And a umbrella if you want."

(Me) Nigga, I'm just saying I'd probably have a better chance at keeping it down if it's not all hot and shit."

(Budd) "Okay, 8oz of chilled piss, then."

(Me) "Yeah, I think I could knock out 8 Oz's of MY OWN PISS, for my freedom."

(Budd) "I don't get you, Hype. You'd eat shit and drink piss, but a glass of spit grosses you out?

(Me) "You know what... fuck you Budd!"

NOTE 2 SELF: Never get drunk with Budd again!!!!


Yesterday someone sent me a book in the mail... 

It was John Grisham's, "The Chamber." The odd thing was that I recognized neither the address nor the sender. When I presented the dilemma to Budd he said to,"stop looking into things so deeply. You've got a good book, so enjoy it." So that's what I did. And I must say, The Chamber is a well written piece of literature. 

Last night I dropped the book while lighting a cigarette in bed. Fraction handed the book back up to me on my bunk and I
flicked through it attempting to find the page I was on. That's when I noticed it. It, looked like someone had stuffed 10 single stamps deep into the spine of the the book. I removed the item and realized what "It" was instantly. 10 hits of acid.
I showed Fraction what was hidden in the book and he was like, "Oh shit!" I've taken acid before and I tripped out really bad. I remember cleaning my house from top to bottom. I started at about 4:pm and made it to the kitchen around 11:pm. As I washed the dishes in the sink I kept washing this one glass over and over again. Finally my girl came into the kitchen and asked me what I was doing. I told her I washing the dishes. She bust out laughing and said, "you've been washing that same glass for half an hour." I told her there was a small piece of food on the glass that would not come off. She took the glass from me held it up to the light and said, "That's not a piece of food. It's a crack in the glass." I remember thinking, "this is not the high for me." I gave Fraction two of the hits to do what he wanted, but this weekend Budd and I are gonna fry.