61) Yes'em, Massah!

Code 201...

That's what they charged me with. It took 2 days before I saw the disciplinary board. I know they know, Delaware and I had a fight, but they can't prove it. They first thing they hit me with was the, "Delaware already came clean. Now if you want to make it easier on yourself tell us what happened." The guard actually said this with a straight face. Obviously if Delaware has already, "come clean" there is no need for me to say shit. Truth be told, my gut was telling me that regardless of how we felt about each other (No Homo) Delaware was a stand up nigga. They asked me about the cut on my arm. I told them that I cut myself with a razor while trying to open the packaging of my new headphones. Both of the guards looked at each other puzzled. The older guard looked at me and said, "You think we stupid, nigger?" The word cut through me like an Artic chill. I could feel my whole body tensing up, my jaws clenched, but I remained cool. "My name is Michael Emanuel. And it's irrelevant what I think about your intellectual capacity. Though, from this short conversation, I have concluded that the odds are highly favorable that yes, you are stupid." I saw the punch coming from a mile away, but cuffed there was

nothing I could do. I turned my face away and he landed a shot that rocked my world! The blow sent me out of my seat and onto the floor. I knew immediately that my jaw was broken. I could feel the tears welling up. Not because of the pain I was feeling, but more to the fact that I was in a state of helplessness. I wanted to kill this mother fucker! I begged my body to not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. Blood began to drip from my nose onto the floor. And then I started laughing. It started off as a few giggles, but soon escalated to full blown hysterical, "this nigga is crazy," gut busting laughter. I could tell that both of the guards were shook. "You punch like a newborn faggot! No wonder your wife is fucking half the niggas in this town! You a under cover bitch!" I was provoking him purposely. I wanted him to kill me. This is not life I'm living inside this prison. I'm dead, they just haven't buried me yet. I saw the officer coming in to give me more, but the other officer stopped him and ushered him out of the room. When all was said and done they hit me with 60 days in the hole and 15 days of good time. Fuck'em! What goes around comes around.

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