My name is Michael, and in the year of 1995 I was sentenced by a jury of "my peers" to ten years in a high security federal penitentiary. After being charged with distribution of cocain my life came to a screeching halt. A decade is such a huge chunk of a persons life I literally couldn't phantom completing my sentence. Upon my arrival to the pen I decided to keep me a journal of the events I witnessed during my incarceration. I've met some of the most interesting, charismatic and intelligent individuals one could ever hope to meet in a life time.
Ten years is quite a long time, but I've met men who will never see the light of day again. An 18 year old with a forty year sentence, a 36 year old with 15 years in and 44 more to go. This is what we mean in the pen we we say, "He ain't never gonna see no light." During the course of my sentence I've written several thousand entries in my journal... Actually my journal consist of 16 folders. Inside these folders are all my entries. Some entries are several pages long, while others are just a few sentences scribbled upon a brown paper bag, or a napkin. Last week as I was going through some boxes I came across this journal. After reading a few pages I decided to trash it. The feelings and emotions it brought back are hard to explain, but I knew I didn't want to relive them all over again....
That is until my 12 year old niece found them in the trash and convinced me to post them as a blog. Here I will share with you all my thoughts, my dreams and my fears. I will bare my soul to you and pray that you and anyone you know will never have to go through this type of ordeal.