Just my luck... 

Bud is in the cell right next to me. As soon as I walked in the cell the weight of the situation hit me. The room consisted of a bunk bed, and a toilet/ sink combo. The floors are cold concrete. The only positive thing is the fact that I don't have a cell-mate yet, so I have my choice of the top or bottom bunk. I chose the top because  the air vent blows directly on me. 

I didn't even have time to piss before Bud showed up. He wanted me to ask somebody for a cigarette. That kind of pissed me off, so I responded kind of heatedly, "Nigga, you ask somebody!" But as I looked around I understood. The majority of the people were either black or brown. Bud was a part of the minority.

I introduced myself to a couple of niggas playing the tier. I told them I'm fresh in. They immediately asked if I was from New York. I think my accent gave me away. They introduced me to a nigga named Randy, from Brooklyn. The coldest coincident is that Randy lived right around the corner from me on Putnam Ave. We talked for a while and he hooked me up with a little care package, which consisted of soap, deodorant,toothpaste, a few snacks and of course cigarettes. I gave Bud a pack on the promise that he give me two packs back in return... The HUSTLE never stops.


Getting processed in was time consuming...

They took my clothes and shoes and issued me prison garb. Brown khaki pants with matching shirts, three pair of boxers and three tee shirts. I was also issued bedding which consisted of two sheets, a pillow, pillow case and one blanket. I wrapped everything up in the blanket and followed the guard to the unit that would house me. I was hoping that crazy fucker Bud would go to a different unit, but unfortunately no such luck. As we approached the unit I noticed a sign that read "K-UNIT." On top of the sign someone had scribbles the word "KILLER." I was almost sure that Bud noticed this also. The guard unlocked the unit door, handed Bud and I a card that contained our pictures and other information and with a stupid smirk told us to enjoy our stay in California. "Welcome to Killer-K, mother fuckers." I know me and this bitch ass guard gonna have some beef.