Today they took a group of us out of our cells in the hole, also known as the shu (Secure Housing Unit) to the captain's office to officially charge us of our infractions. 

When I got down to the captain's office, officer Dully, the guard that actually found the pruno in my cell was seated in the room with him. Immediately I could tell something was wrong. The vibe just wasn't right. The Captain asked me if I knew what I was in the hole for. 

It was the way he said it... As if he wasn't sure why I was here. Fuck it, I know how to play the game. I told the Cap, "Naw, I don't know what's going on." Dully got defensive way too quickly. Something wasn't right and I knew it. Dully says, "Emanuel, did I or didn't I find a jug of wine in your cell?" 

Okay, by now I know somebody fucked up somewhere, some how. "A jug of wine in my cell? Naw...there must be some mistake," I reply. When I say this, Dully's face turns Beet red. This mother fucker is really mad because I won't cop to the jug of wine. I tell them I thought I was in the hole for the two slices of bread I smuggled back to my cell from the chow hall. Dully and the Cap share a look before they call for the guard to take me back to my cell. Two hours later the guard was telling me to roll up to go back to my unit


Three days ago I was sent to the "hole." Rob bought a batch of pruno and left it in the cell without telling me. I was grabbing a pack of smokes from my locker when a guard came in and told he was shaking my room down. Basically, what he meant was, "get the fuck out nigger." Cool, whatever... I went back next door to finish spanking Budd's ass in Risk (No Homo.) As soon as I rolled the dice I hear the guard calling my name. I walked back to my cell and the guard is holding a water jug. He wants to know who's water jug it is. If I tell him it's not mine I'm implying that it belongs to my cellie. Niggas might assume I've snitched Rob out. Not good. Now if it was mine I would go ahead and cop to it since it's in my cell. And I know Rob is going to do that as soon as he gets back from the yard, because he's a solid nigga just like me. So I do what mother fuckers on "Law & Order never do... I shut the fuck up and don't say anything. And here I sit charged with a pruno rap.

Before they came and took me to the hole a fight broke out in the unit between two Mexicans. The guard left me unattended and handcuffed. If that shit would have popped off to something more severe I would have had no way to defend myself. We'll see what happens with this pruno shit soon