25) I'M BACK!

They released me from the hole today...

 All charges were dropped. Bud was the first person to greet me back at the unit. He had the stupidest smile on his face. I think the kid actually missed me. 

Okay, I finally found out what happen with the jug of pruno. Here are the facts as I remember them.

1) I remember the unit officer cuffing me up and taking me and the jug of pruno from my cell on the second tier down to his cubicle on the flats.

2) I remember the unit guard placing the pruno inside his cubicle. 

3) I remember the unit guard radioing for my escort to the hole.

4) I remember two Mexicans getting into a fight.

5) I remember the unit guard yelling for everyone to, "Lock Down!"

6) I remember the unit guard radioing for back up. "Fight in K-Unit!"

7) I remember the unit guard leaving me unattended as he attempted to break up the fight.

8) I remember thinking to my self, "I'm handcuffed with my hands behind my back and no way to protect my self."

9) I remember making my way over to where my boy Randy was standing with a few other brothers.

As it turns out, during that fight, Bud crept into the guards cubicle and stole the jug of pruno while no one was watching. Bud is the last person in the world that I thought I'd be in debt to. It is what it is. I've decided to squash Bud's tab. This should make us even. 

I've moved to a new cell with a nigga named Sniper, Snipe for short. Snipe is cool people. He's short, but has this presence about him. Unfortunately he's a Crip and I am not. So I have to start looking for a new cellie soon.

I ran into Big rob in the yard this afternoon. I was mad that the nigga didn't step up and cop to the wine charge. Before I could even get a word out Rob explained that he was expecting a visit the weekend I was locked up. He promised me he would make it up to me later.

Right before chow Rob called down for me. When I went to his cell he handed me a small balloon. "I don't want to have to keep looking over my
 back for a small misunderstanding," he said.
"What's this," I asked.
"It's boy," he told me. "Enough to keep you fat in the commissary for the rest of the year." Now I understand why he couldn't miss that visit. So I called "cool" on everything. 

I showed Gold T what I was working with. He said that if i stepped on it properly I'd be looking at about two thousand dollars worth of heroine. Oh yeah! Your boy is about to bubble. The hustle don't stop.