Freak is better than me at Scrabble... 

Not just better, this nigga is a monster! He beats me on average by a 120 points. Now I consider myself a pretty smart guy, book as well as street wise, but Freak's vocabulary is incredible. I find myself constantly challenging his words, but they are always there. The funny thing about Freak, other than his name is his hair. The nigga wears a perm. Not just a perm, but one of those old-school, Superfly 1970's doo. To top it off the nigga is BLACK. Not just black, I'm talking country black. The nigga is so black that when the guards do their count at night they usually have to wake him up so that they know a person is in the bed and it's not just some kind of shadow. Now don't get me wrong, I like Freak, ( No homo.) but the hair thing always throws me for a loop. Maybe it's just a Bay Area thing, but I have to constantly bust his balls about it. (No homo.)

I think C-Rat is getting some major play from one of the new female guards. Correctional Officer Brown is about 25 years old. She weighs about 215lbs and she stands at about 5 foot 5 with boots on. I know beauty is in the eye of
the beholder, but this bitch is bricked in the face. She reminds me of the pig from the animated version of Charlotte's Web. The fat from her midsection creates this weird effect through her shirt. It looks like whale blubber inside of a water balloon. 

I can talk all the shit I want about her, but the truth is I'd fuck her too. I can tell she has low self esteem, because she always avoids eye contact with the person she is talking to, but with C-Rat it's different. He's always complimenting her and noticing shit about her that no one else does. Today he asked her if she did something different with her hair. C.O. Brown giggled like an eighth grader and admitted that she had her ends cut. Score one for C-Rat. I've also noticed that she spends a lot of time standing at C-Rat's cell door talking to him. I mean real conversations about real world topics. The inmates in the unit love it, because it gives us a chance to do other shit (gambling, drinking, getting high) with out wondering where the unit guard is. 
The fact that C-Rat wears the pervert card around his neck doesn't seem to bother her. I'll give it 2 weeks before C-Rat makes his move. Secretly, I believe every inmate in Killer-K is rooting for the nigga. We'll see what happens.

41) No, fuck you Foots!

Needles left today... 

He said he couldn't sleep at all last night. I'm happy for him yet I'm still sad. All of his earthly belongings fit inside one small paper bag. All those years spent here and his whole life fits inside a paper bag. Everyone was scrambling to get the shit he wasn't taken with him. All I wanted was his jock itch cream. My nuts still itch. 
Believe it or not that mother fucker finished every tattoo he was commissioned to do. I saw all of them except for Foots. I don't like Foots at all! He's a fucking bully, but only fucks with people he knows are not going to fight back. When needles left this morning two other people from Killer-K were leaving also. I can't even remember ever seeing them before, yet I was still jealous. Everybody that was cool with Needles came by to wish him farewell. I was one of the first and I told him to,"stay the fuck out of trouble!" This made him laugh. Of course Foots came by with his hating ass. He gave Needles a drawing of a tat and told him, "when you come back nigga, that's the next tat you going to do for me." Only a truly hateful nigga would say some bullshit like that. Needles kept his cool and told Foots with a smile, "no problem." The guard unlocked the door to Killer-K and let the new releases out. Now the front door to each unit is made of steel, but the door also has about twenty small panes of glass embedded in it. One of the panes is missing, which allows the guards to pass items to each other without unlocking the door. (Trust and believe, us inmates use it too!) When Needles was safely out and the door locked behind him he stuck his face to the door opening and called out to Foots. Foots was standing on the third tier and Foots
being Foots yells down, "What, faggot!" Needles yells back up to him loud enough for the whole unit to hear... "I used the same needle to finish your tat that I used on Twin." I have never heard Killer-K get as quite as it did at that moment. Every eye was on Foots. Foots yells down, "yeah, right!" But I knew in my heart that Needles was not joking. I watched Needles make his way down the corridor. My nigga never looked back. Everyone knows Twin has AIDS. Now everyone knows that one day Foots may have it too. Every bully needs to be taught a lesson, but damn! 
Damn! ...I'll leave it at that.