48) What's up Doc?

The feds returned Doc back to Lompoc today. 

Doc is in his late 50's, but could pass for his early 40's. He's got wavy hair, cut short with just a splash of grey. He's about 5 foot 10 with a muscular build. (Good black don't crack.) Doc was convicted of 5 counts of bank robbery in the 70's and was released to the outside world late 1995 after serving close to 25 years. (I'll say it again, 10 years ain't looking too bad to a nigga now!) Doc knocked on my cell early this morning to cop a carton of smokes. He said Killer Boom sent him. I introduced myself and asked if he wanted a shot of coffee. I made two cups of Joe and Doc and I chopped it up for about a hour. I found out some things about Doc that kind of put in perspective how long he has been incarcerated. 

The last movie Doc
saw before his arrest was, "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song." One of the hottest songs of the year was, The Jackson 5's "Never Can Say Goodbye." (Doc even sung a little bit of it out loud.)  The must have car of the year for ballers was the Cadillac Coupe DeVille, Nixon was President and Idi Amin took control of Uganda. The fact that this man remembers all of this amazed me. When he saw me taking notes of our conversation he kinda tripped a little. When I explained to him that I was keeping a journal he really opened up to me. I asked him if there was a reason why he didn't make it on the outside. He told me he tried, but there was not much a person can do earning $5.15 an hour. After paying rent, bills and buying food there was nothing left over to put away in savings. He said his felony conviction held him back from all the decent paying jobs and he felt depressed all the time. I felt bad for Doc. 50 something years old and fresh in on an 8 year bid. I've promised myself that I would rather be free, broke, hungry and homeless, than to sit my black ass up in here with a million dollars.

47) WTF!

By 10:30 am I was high as a kite. 

I decided to just chill in the unit until the acid wore off, but the effects were fucking with me big time. Every time a person spoke to me I saw musical notes coming out of their mouth. I kept smelling Smooch's perfume and there was a loud ticking noise that only I could hear. I couldn't come down off of the high for shit! I went back to Budd's cell and we decided to pull out the board game, RISK. We had just started playing when Killer Boom popped up and wanted in, so we started the game over. We discussed every topic under the sun. When the guards called lock down for the night I realized that we had been playing RISK for over ten hours. When I went to my cell for the night I was still frying. I didn't fall asleep until almost 4:00 am. This kind of high ain't for me. No more acid for Hype. Period!!

I heard the cell doors open, but it sounded all wrong. It was at that moment that I realized that only one cell door had opened. The alarm clock read 5:02 am. I jumped off of the top bunk and went to see what was going on. Not to be nosy but to see if the guards were sneaking someone in, or sneaking someone out. Transferring an inmate at this hour raises all kinds of red flags. Four guards and two civilians stood in front of Spiritual's cell. I watched as the guards cuffed Spiritual up and slowly led him away. One of the civilians, an older, grey haired white man said something to spiritual that set him off. I've never seen Spiritual act in an aggressive way since I've known him, but here right before my eyes my nigga Spiritual threw a nutty. He kept screaming, "no, no!" The guards roughed him up a little to put him in check. It didn't take much, since Spiritual is so skinny. By now the whole unit was up and peeking through their little windows... "Who is like El?!! God is with us!!!! God is with us!!!" The way Spiritual shouted these words sent goose bumps up and down my skin. I grabbed my pen and a piece of paper and wrote down everything he screamed.  "77 dates! 77 dates! Who is like El, I give them to you!" These were the last words Spiritual spoke before the guards took him away. Now you tell me if this nigga is crazy or not?