Shit is finally starting to get back to normal. 

Chubb came by my cell today. He wanted to know why I haven't been doing my walking. I gave him some bullshit story about me "laying low." Chubb wanted to hear none of it. Basically what Chubb told me was that if I wanted his help to get my self in shape we were going to have to enter into a verbal agreement. I did want his help, so I said okay. Here is the agreement we entered. I was to continue doing my walking, but my eating habits had to change starting today. Chubb
calls this the "Caveman diet." I can eat anything I want as long as it was available 100,000 years ago. "Can I eat a cheese burger?" I asked Chubb. "Did they have cheese a 100,000 years ago?" Was Chubbs reply. "What about french fries?" I asked. "They had potatoes back then." Chubb looked at me like, nigga please! "True they had potatoes a 100,000 years ago, but I know for a fact that they didn't have saturated oil and a pan to fry it in." Chubb was on a roll. "And to help you out, anytime I see you eating something that's not from a 100,000 years ago I get to take it from you, no matter where you're at or who's around. That's the deal." If this was gonna help me get back to my high school weight I was with it. I gave Chubb my word and he just smiled and walked off. The good news is it's only for 30 days. How hard can it be, right?