They let us out of our cells today, but we were not allowed to leave the unit... 

After  six days on lock down every one in Killer K is on high alert. The tension in the air is so thick it's effecting my allergies. As soon as the cell doors opened, mother fuckers made the "Mad Dash." Dash to the phones, dash to the showers, dash to the store man, and a mad dash to the TV. I made a mad dash myself. I grabbed a carton of smokes and I went to see Link.

 Link is an older gentleman of about 60. I'm not sure what his crime was, but I do know that at the time it was committed Link was a board certified physicians. Link is the closest thing Killer K has to a doctor and I wanted him to check out my jaw immediately. When I walked down to the flats I remembered that his cell was close to where all the AB's hang out. This jaw thing was a medical emergency to me, so as far as i was concerned it superseded all war time etiquette.

As I approached Links's cell I noticed that a sheet covered the entrance to his cell. A sheet usually means that the occupant of the cell is  either taking a shit, or jacking off. Weather it was Link, or his cellie inside I didn't know; lurking around outside his cell would have been stalker-ish as well as highly suspicious under the immediate circumstances. I decided to wait Link out in the area with the greatest concentration of niggas.... The "Black TV." I chilled and chopped it up with few niggas until I saw Link emerge from his cell.

I walked directly to his cell, no hesitation even though I felt like 2Pac, (All Eyes On Me). Link and I have always been cordial to one another, so I handed him the cartoon of smokes and explained to him what had happen to me. He told me to come into his cell and take a seat. Upon entering there were four things I noticed immediately as I took a seat on the covered toilet...

1) The toilet was still running
2) There was no water in the sink
3) A small corner of a fragrance tree had recently been burned and      was still smoldering...
4) The toilet paper roll was completely empty...

You didn't need the deduction skills of Batman to conclude that this nigga ain't wash his hands. As he reached for my face, it seemed as if time had slowed down and I got a real good look at Link's fingernails. His nails were more than disgusting! It was if he had
just finished gardening in wet soil. My first instinct was to jerk away from him (No Homo), which I did, but he calmly told me he just wanted to feel if my jaw was broken. I had no choice but to suck it up (No Homo), close my eyes, hold my breath and let Link do his thing. 

I could feel his fingers below my earlobes, along my jawline probing... probing. He let out a few inaudible, "okays" and a couple of "mm-hmms".  He told me to move my jaw to the left... probing, probing... He told me to move my jaw to the right... probing, probing... Pain!

 I'm not sure if the scream I let out was real, or just in my head, but Link told me to relax. He promised me that this was an easy fix. He explained it to me as a toy train set and the train was off the track. Not the whole train, just one of the rear wheels. He was going to, on the count of three put the train back on the track. I knew this was going to hurt, so I closed my eyes and went to my mental happy place. 

Link started the countdown, "one, two"...
When I opened my eyes Link and Boom were both bending down shaking me gently.
Boom asked, "Nigga, you aw'ight?"
I moved my jaw side to side slowly. No pain at all. I opened and closed my mouth  slowly a couple of times. No pain at all. I smiled.
I said, "I'm good my G."